Community Involvement

Giving back to and enhancing the broader aviation community is a core tenet of what we do here at Robinson Aviation. Whether you're a solo student pilot or a well established airman flying for humanitarian reasons, we go the extra mile to make sure your efforts are well rewarded.

student pilots

First cross-country solo flight? Training to add an instrument rating to your ticket? We want to encourage your journey in general aviation and perhaps make it a little easier to get there. 

When you fly into Robinson Aviation and show us your logbook for a sign-off on your arrival as part of your rating requirements, we'll waive the ramp & handling fees. Enjoy an additional 15 cents off per gallon of fuel when you present your valid Student Pilot Certificate with appropriate logbook entries. 

Humanitarian flights

It takes a special type of pilot to donate their time, airplane, and fuel for the benefit of others. We want to spread the love and make it easier for such pilots to accomplish their mission. That's why if you fly into New Haven on a mission for one of the nationally recognized organizations below, you'll enjoy:

  • Discounted facility, handling, and overnight charges, up to $150.

  • Complimentary use of the Crew Cars for patient transportation or crew meals.


Any pilots flying Civil Air Patrol aircraft on an official mission, or conducting familiarization flights for local cadets, will enjoy waived facility and handling charges for their visit, plus complimentary use of the Crew Car for crew meals.


Robinson Aviation makes every effort to reduce our environmental impact. We incorporate a compost pile for food scraps and organic matter, upgraded all of our lighting to LED, and have fuel reclamation devices on all of our tanks in our fuel farm. We buy our coffee in bulk from Willoughby’s Coffee, a New Haven-based roaster, eliminating the costly plastic portion bags found at most FBOs for aircraft-bound coffee. We fertilize our gardens with all used coffee grounds, and frequently donate other grounds to employees and customers for use as exceptional fertilizer in their own gardens. We offer porcelain mugs and glass water glasses for all passengers and guests who will be enjoying a beverage in our lobby, eliminating unnecessary waste associated with disposable cups. We also make every effort to recycle applicable non-regulated garbage.

We appreciate crews that want to go above and beyond in helping us in our "Going Green" goals. Robinson Aviation will be happy to assist you by taking pre-sorted recyclable material and making sure it is disposed of properly, reducing not only our impact on the environment, but yours as well. Paperless invoicing is also available. Ask the front desk for details regarding our "Going Green" initiative.