Noise Abatement at New Haven

The Tweed-New Haven Airport is bounded to the West and East by suburban communities, and to the South by sensitive wetlands. Please adhere to the following procedures to help us be the best neighbors and stewards of the land as possible:

  • Departing Runway 20, fly runway heading until crossing the shoreline before making any turns.
  • Departing Runway 2, fly runway heading to 1,000 feet before making any turns.
  • No touch-and-goes at night.

Noise levels are determined by FAA Advisory Circular No. 36-3H, Appendix 1. Certain aircraft without Stage III+ engines may require a PPR from airport operations. Please refer to this document to determine your specific aircraft's noise ratings.


The following operations are exempt from the noise ordinance restrictions:

  • Aircraft operated by the Federal Government, State of Connecticut, or any county or city in Connecticut. 
  • Aircraft used for emergency purposes during an officially proclaimed emergency. 
  • Civil Air Patrol aircraft engaged in a search & rescue mission. 
  • Aircraft which require a landing or take-off for the preservation of life or property.

RUN-UPS, Ground Power, and auxiliary power

At no time are engine run-ups permitted on the East Ramp at Tweed-New Haven Airport. Run-ups may be performed on taxiways or designated run-up areas, as directed by the local controllers.

We ask that you limit your use of APUs between the hours of 2200L-0700L.


Tweed-New Haven Airport Noise Abatement Pamphlet