Outdoor Attractions

Wallingford open space

Located 20 minutes from the airport, the town of Wallingford boasts an impressive amount of open space, available for public access. Home to stunning wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery, be sure to borrow a crew car and take advantage of the gorgeous country.

"Outta The Blue" Variety of Rose - The smell is incredible.

pardee rose garden

Located on the boarder of New Haven and Hamden, this seasonal garden features dozens of varieties of roses, as well as other curated flower specimens. When in full bloom, the smell is intoxicating. It's only a 12 minute drive from us.

There is also a greenhouse available for tours on select dates.

Find out more about Pardee Rose Garden Here.

Don't miss out on one of New Haven's best kept secrets!

Sleeping giant state park

While this technically falls under hiking, the park itself boasts too many fascinating attractions to omit it from this section. Named after its appearance of a sleeping giant, some of the most fascinating areas are found on the "head" portion of the park. An abandoned quarry provides incredible insight into the traprock formation, and leaves behind towering arches and support structures for the old operation. A gorge trail on the back side of the park features beautiful waterfalls along a river-side trail.

edgerton park

Located in the East Rock district of New Haven, this picturesque park is known for hosting "Shakespeare in the Park" in the Summer. Formerly, a stunning mansion stood on this property, but the Benefactor's Last Will required the mansion be torn down before the park was able to be open to the public. Visit their website here.

Running Loops

Explore the local area surrounding Robinson Aviation on foot with these running loops.



The Fairways Driving Range
19 Tipping Drive | Branford, CT 06405

Located ten minutes from Robinson Aviation, offers year-round driving. The heated stalls are open from 11 AM to 4 PM in the Winter. There is also a putting green and chipping area. 

Twin Lakes Golf Course
241 Twin Lakes Road | North Branford, CT  06471

Located fifteen minutes from Robinson Aviation, offers a picturesque New England Executive-Style course. All Par 3s, this 9 hole course is a relaxing way to pass the time while staying with us. 

Alling Memorial Golf Club
35 Eastern Street | New Haven, CT  06513

Located ten minutes from Robinson Aviation, Alling boasts a full 18 holes of New England golfing. Alling has played host to some of the region's largest golfing tournaments and has recently undergone a major renovation.

No clubs? No problem! Robinson Aviation has golf clubs available for rent on a first come-first serve basis, for a nominal fee. Please see the front desk for more information!

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Whether you are looking to invigorate or travel at a more leisurely pace, options to satisfy hikers of all levels are within 15 minutes of the Tweed-New Haven Airport.

West Rock Ridge State Park

With over 23 miles of hiking trails from paved, slow ascents to rough, steep climbs, East Rock Ridge offers visitors access to one of the area's best vantage points. Drive or hike to the top for nearly 200 miles of un-obstructed views of New Haven County and Long Island Sound. 

East Rock Park

Ample picnic areas and scenic overlooks dominate the East Rock Park, which boasts  nearly 12 miles of hiking trails from easy to moderate difficulty. The on-site Trowbridge Environmental Center offers visitors the chance to learn about local flora and fauna.

EAST ROCK PARK,  just north of Robinson Aviation, features a vehicle path to the summit, as well as various hiking trails. The views from the top of the rock are stunning.

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Additional Ideas:

  • Connecticut Bike Tour (Guilford - LINK)

  • Kayak half & day rentals (Milford - LINK)

  • Robinson Aviation self-guided driving tour (in crew car [2 hrs] or rental [4 hrs] )



Did you know Snowmaking was invented right here in Connecticut? In 1949, the owner of Mohawk Mountain brought in about 500 tons of ice, and ground it up, spreading it over one of the trails. Several months later, a group of three engineers used a garden hose, compressor, and spray gun to create 20 inches of snow, right next to us, in Milford, CT. They then patented their design, effectively bringing the five-month season to New England and the World. (source)

Luckily, if you're spending time with us, there are plenty of opportunities to ski right here in Connecticut!

Mohawk Mountain, the largest in the state, boasts 25 trails, 8 lifts, and nearly 1,000 foot vertical. It's about an hour drive from us.

Powder Ridge, also open in the summer as an outdoor park, features 19 trails, 3 lifts, and 4 terrain parks. It's about 30 minutes from us.

Ski Sundown features 16 trails and 3 lifts. It's about an hour drive from us.

Mount Southington features 14 trails and 4 lifts, and is great for beginners. It's about 40 minutes from us.

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