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Evan Warren
General Manager / Director of Operations

Evan graduated Quinnipiac University in 2008 with a degree in Psychology, and began instructing Robinson's Ground School classes, as well as coordinating the previous Flight School and Charter Department before taking over as General Manager in 2009. He is passionate about aviation and providing top-tier customer service and is a Commerically-Rated Pilot as well. He is an avid fan of Formula-1 racing, space exploration, hiking, skiing, and amateur photography.

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Mike Klapyk
Line Service Manager

Mike started working with Robinson Aviation in 2012. His excitement and dedication to the business led to his current position as Line Service Manager. Mike works tirelessly to provide the best customer service possible, in the safest environment in aviation. He is a keen outdoors-man who enjoys all four season's weather, particularly in the mountains.

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Mike Romei

Mike has been with Robinson Aviation since 1995. Having attended Quinnipiac University and as a local restauranteur, his business acumen and keen eye for accounting has been a huge asset for our team. He is also a Commercially-Rated Pilot and beach lover.

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